The Montgomery City-County Public Library System invites 3rd-12th graders to participate in our Eleventh Annual Voices in Black History Speech Competition. Registration begins on January 3rd and continues until January 31st. Montgomery residents grades 3rd-12th will have the opportunity to research, dress up, and present a monologue as an influential Black Historical Figure. Competitors will participate in one of the two preliminaries set on Tuesday, February 7th at the Rufus A Lewis Regional Library and Thursday, February 16th at the EL Lowder Regional Library. The top participants from each group will go on the Finals on February 23rd at the Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library. Students in each age group will compete for a first place prize of $200, second place prize of $100, and third place prize of $50. To veiw the Preliminary time and dates Click Here.

Speech Competition Preliminary Dates are 7, 16, & 23


  • Once submitted, the chosen African-American individual cannot be changed.
  • Contestants will wear a costume and present the speech as the person they have chosen.
  • Speeches given about the person will have points deducted.
  • Visuals and props may be used but are not required.
  • Speeches and costumes that are racially insensitive and/or sexually provocative will be disqualified.
  • Individual contestant must research and write his/her own presentation.
  • Speeches must be original (Participant cannot simply memorize known work by their chosen person)
  • Participants reading a speech from a paper or eletronic device will have points deducted.
  • Speech length shorter or longer than time allowed will have points deducted.
  • 3 to 5 minutes in length for 3rd-6th grade
  • 4 to 7 minutes in lenth for 7th- 12th grade
  • A bibliography/ works cited page of  research materials used can be uploaded in the registration form as a pdf, doc, docx, png, jpg, or jpeg format. Points will be deducted for no bibliography.


Speeches will be scored based on proficiency in the following categories:

  • Costume 
  • Becoming the Person the Speech is About
  • Preparation 
  • Eye Contact
  • Organization of Speech
  • Vocal Quality: Grammar, Diction, Voice
  • Presence
  • Level of Creativity 
  • Presentation Length
  • Presentation Length
  • Bibliography/ works cited