Montgomery City-County Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 3/21/2019
Time: 11:15 AM -
Title: Pike Road Bookies
Location: Pike Road Branch Library
Intended Audience: Adults
Description: The Bookies will discuss A Well-Behaved Woman by Therese Anne Fowler.
Publisher’s Summary – After the Civil War, young Alva Smith and her sisters are left with nothing but their good name. Then she is introduced to William Vanderbilt, whose nouveau riche family is upending established New York society. They marry, but find themselves excluded by the old-money doyennes who control access to the city's social and political scene. Refused entry, Alva designs and builds mansions and hosts her own grand balls. Denied a box seat at the Academy of Music, she helps found the Metropolitan Opera House. Outspoken, brave, and fiercely independent, Alva defies convention by championing suffrage for women, African-Americans and immigrants, and supporting labor union strikes. And, when William's attentions wander, Alva puts her future at risk--with a scandalous strategy that changes her life.