Montgomery City-County Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 2/21/2019
Time: 10:30 AM -
Title: Friendship
Location: Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library
Intended Audience: Pre-School
Description: We will read Big Cat, Little Cat by Elisha Cooper. There was a cat who lived alone.
Until the day, a new cat came. And so a story of friendship begins, following the two cats through their days, months, and years until one day, the older cat has to go. We will also read Help! A Story of Friendship by Holly Keller. Mouse, Hedgehog, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Snake are friends but Mouse hears from Skunk (who heard it from Fox) that snakes are dangerous, especially to mice. Oh, dear! Should friends stick together, no matter what? And what do friends do when a friend is in trouble? We will have a craft.