Montgomery City-County Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 10/19/2018
Time: 10:00 AM -
Title: Monster Day
Location: EL Lowder Regional Library
Intended Audience: Pre-School
Description: The Monster's Monster by: Patrick McDonnell
Grouch, Grump and little Gloom ‘n’ Doom all thought that they were monsters. They lived in a castle on top of a hill. They got into an argument one evening about who was the biggest and meanest monster. Then they worked together to create a monster. Was this monster the biggest and meanest?
If You’re a Monster and You Know It by: Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley
Instead of singing “If You Are Happy and You Know It” this is the Monster edition. Can you snort and growl? If you can then this is the perfect book for you.
Activity: Monster Masks