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Unattended Children Policy

Children of all ages are encouraged to visit the library with their parents to take advantage of the resources available for them to meet their informational, recreational, and educational needs. The Library recognizes that children, particularly those not accompanied by adults, have special needs. This policy addresses those special needs, and emphasizes that the ultimate responsibility for the child’s health, safety, and behavior in the library environment resides with the parent or guardian.
  1. Children who patronize the library should be encouraged to learn appropriate use of library resources and to respect other patrons. A child will be treated with the same respect as any patron.

  2. Children aged seven (7) and under should not be left in the library without a parent or other responsible adult.

  3. Neither the Library nor its staff shall assume responsibility for keeping the unattended child within the library building nor shall they assume responsibility for the safety of a child once he/she leaves the library.

  4. In case of a medical emergency, the librarian should call 911 for help. Emergency personnel, upon their arrival at the library, will be informed that the child's parent is not with the child.

  5. All children must be picked up by closing time. If the child is not picked up by closing time, the police may be called and advised of the situation. Under no condition should a library employee provide transportation for a child. If a parent consistently leaves a child past the library's closing time, the appropriate social agency may be notified.

Disruptive behavior in the library will not be allowed. If a child exhibits disruptive behavior, warnings will be issued. If disruptive behavior persists, the librarian may take appropriate action, which may include suspension. Continued disruption will be reported to the police. Any violence or criminal activity should be reported to the police immediately.