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April @ MLW

The Ladies of High Tea will be reading Celtic Curse: An Yvonne Suarez Travel Mystery by Wendy Dingwall. This is the second in the Series.


Fiona Batson shares with employer Janice Armstrong her compelling need to return to her childhood home in Peebles, Scotland. Thirty-nine years earlier, her 16-year-old brother, Duncan, vanished, and Fiona can bring closure only by searching for the clues that led to Duncan's disappearance. Janice refers the 55-year-old housekeeper to Yvonne Suarez, a travel agent who thwarted an international art theft ring, recovered the golden statue of Hera, and saved Janice's life a year earlier on a trip to Greece.

Yvonne has always wanted to travel to the land ofBraveheartandRob Roy. After hearing Fiona's tale of her missing brother, she decides to accompany Fiona on her quest and plans a trip to Edinburgh and surrounding cities to increase her knowledge of the area.

While Yvonne is busy learning about Edinburgh home of the world-famous Edinburgh Tattoo, and Peebles, host of the nationally acclaimed Beltane festival she and Fiona are drawn into a cold-case investigation that soon leads to murder.

Along the way, they encounter hidden secrets and Scottish superstitions. They are secretly followed by Fiona's first cousin and put off by the local police. When they question Duncan's old girlfriend, they discover that she is now married to one of Duncan's best friends. She rebuffs them with claims of second sight and Cailleach's curse. And why are they so warmly welcomed into the home of Craig MacIntyre, owner of the Peebles woolen mill and the last person to see Duncan alive?


Bring your cup and join the ladies, as always, the first Tuesday of the month at 3PM. This month we will meet 3PM, Tuesday, April 7, 2015.



Don’t forget the Chess Club has extended their time 10AM to 1245PMand all ages (and levels of expertise) are welcome. If you have ever wanted to learn how to play chess or are looking for a place to play, join the Lowder Chess Club each Saturday. Some of our members have been winning tournaments around Montgomery so come join the winners!


The Gamer’s Club is still meeting the first and third Friday afternoon from 330PM-530PM. Tweens and Young Adults are invited to play games on our gaming system. We have a Wii, and X-Box, and two Playstation2’s. Pre-Registration is required and slots fill up fast so get your name on the list in a hurry. Parents must stay in the library while participants are playing and a signed permission slip must be on file before anyone can play—no exceptions!


The Stitch and Share/Lowder Fiber Arts Club will continue to meet on the fourth Thursday of the month from 330PM-530PM. Participants are encouraged to bring their own projects if they have started one. Those that are beginners may pick up a supply list at the front desk in order to purchase items prior to the class they plan to attend. The date for this month is April 23, 2015.


Remember that every Monday evening from 530PM-615PM we have Pajama Story Time. The suggested attire for this program is . . . PAJAMAS! Parents dress the little ones in their pjs and let us read them the bedtime story. Stuffed friends and pillows are optional but encouraged. Friday’s 1015AM Story Time continues to be at the same time as always.


The Staff of Lowder invite you to join them for a very special week of fun—April 13-18, 2015. Help us celebrate National Library Week!


National Library Week 2015 @ E L Lowder


We will once again be having our series of theme days and invite everyone to join us as we:

Monday: Show Your Spirit and

Wear your team colors

Tuesday: Story Book Character Day

Please dress as your favorite character from a book

Wednesday: Celebrity Day

Dress as your favorite celebrity OR

Dress as a celebrity you think you look like

Thursday: What I Want to be When I Grow Up Day

Accent on the WANT so if you want to be a fire breathing dragon…Please remember that books and fire do not mix well

Friday: Tacky Day

Just dress tacky tacky tacky, but tastefully tacky

You can even wear that tacky Christmas sweater if it

is cold enough


On Monday, April 13th, we will also have the Life South Blood Mobile visiting us from 9AM until at least 4PM. Please consider giving blood, it might just save the life of someone you love.


Monday Evening will also be the second in our series of Chinese Culture Lectures presented by the Confucius Institute at Troy University (Montgomery Campus). Everyone is invited to attend. This month the topic of the lecture will be "Life of the Chinese People—Chinese Cuisine.” It will explain the Chinese Culture as told through food. There are plans to have samples of authentic Chinese food so please join us, 530PM-7PM, Monday, April 13, 2015.


Tuesday, April 14, at 2PM we will have Tea for Two Year Olds. This little tea party is for our patrons that are two years old (give or take a couple of years or so). Join us in the Meeting Room for a very special Story Time!


The April 16th, Thursday Afternoon is for the Young Adults. In keeping with this year’s theme—Unlimited Possibilities @Your Library we will have Michael Burger of AUM’s Scholars Without Walls present College: A Four-Year Slog, and Why You Should Do It. The program will start at 330PM, in the meeting room. Afterwards (around 430PM) we will have Huntingdon’s Financial Aid Advisor Tommy Dismukes will explain the FAFSA and the process for getting help to attend college.


Friday afternoon 4PM-5PM we will kick off our long anticipated LEGO Club—for ages 5 to 12. Pre-Registration is required with a limit of 25 children at each session. Children must be at least five years old and those under eight must have an adult accompany them. Those over eight must have a parent in the library while they are attending the program.


Ladies of High Tea Book Club
Meets the first Tuesday of the month at 3:00 PM


Contact Persons:
Julia-Ann Jenkins
Shirley Toston
Stacie Worthy